BC Libs Straining Educational Relationships for Political Posturing

The president of the BC School Trustees has sent the following letter to Christy Clark and the BC Libs on behalf of her organization.

Teachers know this full well but many others may not.

The Trustees’ letter  counters one part of the spin that the BC Libs have been putting forward – that in 2002 Christy and Gordon Campbell acted at the request of the school boards to implement the finally-found-to-be -illegal bills stripping both class size and composition negotiated formulas as well any ability to discuss them in the future.

From the BCSTA letter that follows this quote block:

However, the consultation did not occur,and the resulting legislation was a surprise to Boards. Your email implying that government acted in 2002 at the encouragement of trustees further strains the relationship between Boards, their employees, and the Ministry of Education.

Your consensus building thoughts?


Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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