BC Libs’ Education Actions – Like a Wrecking Ball

… and underlie everything that CC has intended to do all along. This idea of needing “breathing space” is pure fiction. The government chose to ignore the first court ruling and then wasted over another  year in bad faith scheming and provocations… and now these claims of not possibly possible.

Teachers are ready to negotiate now for an orderly fall implementation but the BC Libs prefer to continue with their political jihad rather than investing effort into a do-able solution. A resolution is there, if the BC Libs had the will.

Jim Iker’s opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun –  Investing in education a decision government should make: Money is available and should be spent on students (Feb 25 2014) is an important read given the news ticker today.

Check it out and please invest your thoughts for all of us.

The Vancouver Sun, in Friday’s editorial, echoes the government’s line that chaos will ensue if school districts must implement the recent B.C. Supreme Court ruling that restored teachers contract provisions that were unconstitutionally stripped by Christy Clark, first as education minister and now as premier.

You state that Justice Susan Griffin’s decision “did not give any breathing space to the provincial government and teachers union so the two sides could craft a sensible school staffing solution.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Author: Tim Lavery

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