BC Local Governments to Change to a Four Year Term

Not unexpected in the least, the provincial government finally has announced their intention to legislate four year terms (rather than the current three year cycle) starting in the upcoming local elections this November 2014. School boards and regional district are also included in the new term length. See the announcement here.

Also of interest is the intention to move up the voting date from mid-November to  October starting in 2018.

The B.C. government will introduce legislation during the current legislative session to change local elections from a three-year to a four-year cycle beginning with the 2014 elections, Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Coralee Oakes announced today.

Subject to legislative approval, the next B.C. local elections after November 2014 will be in October 2018.

Four-year terms will give local governments more time to consult, plan and achieve community goals – and also help to manage election costs.

All other Canadian provinces hold local government elections every four years.

Extending the term of office will apply to B.C.’s mayors and all elected officials serving municipalities, regional districts, parks boards, school boards and the Islands Trust.

Author: Tim Lavery

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1 thought on “BC Local Governments to Change to a Four Year Term”

  1. Extremely limiting the powers of Big City Canadian Mayors to that of head boy or girl at high schools hopefully coming soon.
    I say this in the context of Mayor Robertson chairing the recent 22 Big city Mayors in Ottawa conference, inferring that the number one Federal transit issue is to build a Vancouver Broadway Subway to further congest and further increase the non-self sustainability of said big city, (cities).
    Small cities and towns are not holding tanks to supply new citizens and employees to maintain these non self-sustainable big city environments.
    And yet I don’t agree with the habit of the citizens of small towns and cities almost flying around in huge vehicles on poor infra structure roads and hiways causing unspeakable, horrible accidents.
    I’ll take a honking big HD 3D colour kinetic work of Art showing ALL the transit issues of Canadian cities and towns, real time, to go, please.

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