Your Community Makes You. You Make Your Community.

Did you know there are 191 Community Foundations across Canada? Our local Shuswap Community Foundation is part of something much bigger.


Established in 1992 to connect and support this growing network of community foundations, the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is launching its first ever national campaign. The goal is to raise awareness and encourage participation in local foundations across Canada. The “Your Community Makes You. You Make Your Community” campaign launches on March 5, 2014. To learn more about the campaign, visit

Every one of us is a product of our community. The causes we care about, the time we invest, the people we bring together – all shape our communities now and for future generations. Giving back is how the cycle of a vibrant and sustainable community continually renews itself.

With an intimate understanding of local needs and opportunities, community foundations champion issues that matter by directing grants and other investments towards everything from shelter, education, and care for those in need, to the arts, environment and recreation. Our local Shuswap Community Foundation contributes time, leadership and financial support to initiatives that benefit our community in all of these areas.

To learn more about your local Shuswap Community Foundation, go to, call us at 250-832-5428, or drop into the office and visit Paulette and Amber at 450 Lakeshore Drive NE, Salmon Arm.

*Submitted on behalf of the Shuswap Community Foundation.

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