Two Days in a Row …

… of some fascinating local presentations.

MacQuarrie Lecture Okanagan College Salmon Arm Campus - March 2014 This evening marked the first of the  Dan MacQuarrie Lecture series at the Salmar. The lecture was by historian James Wood on the 114th battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), which was made up of an estimated 4,000 soldiers of indigenous descent.

Wood’s weaving of the events and politics of WW1 and the aboriginal volunteerism within the Canadian war effort and general society was spell-binding in it’s recounting and it’s implications.

Be sure to check out the next lecture when it’s announced.

clip_image002.pngOn Tuesday, the Shuswap Food Action Co-Op forum took place with well over two hundred participants. I was only able to attend for 10 minutes or so as I was between some other meetings.

I’m hoping that some of you who attended the workshop can elaborate on it. This was an amazing turnout with a wide spectrum of community members and local politicos.

Author: Tim Lavery

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1 thought on “Two Days in a Row …”

  1. The presentation by Laura Kalina was recorded and will be broadcast on Voice to the Shuswap Mon. at 4pm. Steve Corrie will host and interview Russ Paulsen Tues. at 5pm, same station.
    As you indicated we had an excellent turnout and all had the opportunity to express their thoughts on developing a local and secure food policy.
    The Shuswap Food Co-Op are seeking new members with new ideas and possibilities for moving this initiative forward. We will be holding a meeting in the near future.
    Interested ? get in touch 250 832 7518

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