Salmon Arm Hockeyville 2014–Round Three?

1618516_749981925021813_420583888_nAs you are aware, last weekend Salmon Arm was selected as a Top 16 community in Canada in the Kraft Hockeyville competition.

The announcement of the Top 4 communities proceeding in the competition will be made tomorrow (edited: Saturday March 15th) .

If Salmon Arm is announced as a Top 4 Community, get ready to VOTE again.  Here’s a quick update:

Announcement: 3 ways to find out this Saturday!

-During the Hockey Night in Canada Calgary v Phoenix game, results will be announced.

-Results will be posted on the “Prizes” section of the Kraft Hockeyville website on Saturday

– Salmon Arm Economic Development Society will send out an email and Facebook post following notification.


If Salmon Arm proceeds as a top 4 community, Voting will commence on Saturday March 15th at 9:00pm and will remain open until Monday March 17th at 9:00pm.  VOTING IS UNLIMITED – and it’s easy!!

2 ways to vote:

Online at

Telephone at 1-866-533-8066

Why Vote?:

We have secured $25,000 in funding for the Shaw Centre.  If we are announced as a Top 4 community tomorrow, that means we have secured $50,000 for the Shaw Centre.  By voting, you will be helping your community to secure $100,000 in funding for the Shaw Centre as well as working towards the grand prize of a pre-season NHL game and a CBC feature episode on Salmon Arm.  Please do your part to help your community!

How can you help?:

1 – Spread the word! Share this email with all of your contacts, post it on facebook, ask all of your friends, family, contacts to VOTE SALMON ARM, if we are selected.

2 – Challenge another community organization, business, team or family to see who can vote the most!

3 – Host a voting party for your family / friends

4 – If you have a business, encourage your employees and clients to vote by posting Hockeyville signs and sharing this info or perhaps offering a voting station at your workplace.

5 – Most importantly, Please take the time to do your part and VOTE!

A big thank you to all of Salmon Arm (and far beyond!) for Hockeyville support so far.  Fingers crossed for Saturday (tomorrow), stay tuned.

Your thoughts?

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