Take-Down of the PQ’s Fear-Mongering …

… of Anglo out-of-province students purportedly trying to “steal” the Quebec provincial election … an amazing flow of tweet-commentary accomplished within the 140 character limitations of Twitter … from the feed of Paul Wells @InklessPW

* Best consumed from the bottom to the top!

Twenty years. Twenty years I’ve been covering politics. I’ve never seen anything this disgraceful, not once. What a pack of idiots.

8. The entire bunch of them drop the story. Whoopsie, never mind us, we’re just the entire leadership of the incumbent government!

7. And 24 hours after claiming students were “stealing the election” — and less than 24 hours after Lisée hints they’re mobbed-up….

6. And then, when *a Radio-Canada host* asks the DGE the questions *any of these people could have asked the DGE,* the story collapses.

5. …the guy whose bill says emergency-room doctors with yarmulkes should be fired. The star casserole-banging youth MNA. And the premier.

4. The minister of Justice. The minister for families. The minister for higher education. The minister for relations with anglos….

3. …rather than verifying the accuracy of the information in private conversation with the DGE, the following personalities comment:

2. Perhaps this is a left-hand right-hand thing and the party leadership doesn’t know party members were the source for the story, but…

1. The PQ feeds false information about voting irregularities to the provincial election agency.

Author: Tim Lavery

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