Tempest in a Teapot – Take Two

The second hubbub seems also to be misplaced. That’s the one involving the city’s decision to go ahead with the purchase of a work truck from a Kamloops’ dealer rather than a higher price one from a local dealer.

Now, I’m not party to the inner goings on here. Furthermore, like many of you, we go out of our way to keep as many of our purchases in Salmon Arm as possible. An ironic truth though is that it’s been a hard slog for me to reach any automobile deal here in town.

It seems to me that vehicles are a fairly common commodity. Internet quotes will yield some pretty comparative pricing for even the  average consumer.

While there have been other instances where the city could/should have been giving more priority to purchasing locally (services especially), I feel that they shouldn’t be raked over the coals on this one.

To me, it looks more like a situation where local auto dealers may have missed an opportunity by not sharpening their pencils enough when quoting on a run-of-the-mill commodity.

Also, on the surface of it all, it seems reasonable to factor in upfront mileage costs in a final determination. I think that most careful consumers look at repair cost and mileage data in their decision-making.

Check out the Observer article Council picks lowest cost over shopping local (Labere: March 25 2014).

While I think that the local politicos are getting an unfair rap on this one, be sure to leave your own quotes in the Comment section.

Author: Tim Lavery

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