Updated: Salmon Arm Mail-In Ballots and Industrial Revitalization Tax Exemptions

mail in ballotUpdates based on the minutes due to be adopted at the April 28 2014 council meeting. Both items are to be voted on then. See below for specific updates.

Today’s Development & Planning Agenda had two interesting items on the slate.

One was a bylaw amendment to permit mail-in ballots in the local government elections this November.It’ll be a narrow window between the official finalization of the candidates’ list, time to actually print the ballot and then have them mailed out and returned before the close of the  General Voting Day.

This is a good idea given the size of our retirement population and the propensity  for a sizeable number of folks to be away in mid-November. Unanimously approved at Planning.

The  other key issue for consideration was that of the proposed Industrial Revitalization Tax Exemption Program – similar in intent to the Downtown exemption program – where businesses investing in new or reno construction in industrial areas are exempt from taxation on new improvements at a sliding rate over 5 years. For the Industrial Exemption, the improvements have to be over $500,000. See pages 39 – 76 of the agenda here.

Interesting to note the mention that “staff remain skeptical of the merits of such a program”.

Unanimously approved in principle at Planning but with a lowered threshold of the exexmption value of the improvements $500K -> $300K.

Time will tell where these issues ended up. I’ll update when I find out.


Author: Tim Lavery

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