Brain Fitness App – A Goldmine!

New app created by a business right here in Salmon Arm, now available on itunes. Brain Fitness App.


After a year of hard work, Dawn Benson and Hanne McKay have finally got their Brain Fitness APP done and in the Apple App store.

The App is called “BrainStar”. Here’s the link to the information: Brainstar LINK

The link works automatically for those of you with iphones. If you have an IPad you have to change from IPads only… to Iphones…look at the top of your screen. Then the App will download. There is a free App which has 5 exercises to try out and then the BrainStar Comprehensive App is a 99 cent one.

If you visit the GoldMinds Brain Fitness website there’s an explanation from Hanne and Dawn about how the app works:

Please note: When the BrainStar App opens it always goes directly to the Learn section of the App. For the new daily activity you will need to click on the bottom link called Exercise. The Learn section stays the same, but a new daily exercise downloads each morning at 7:00 AM.

If you want to GIFT THIS 99 cent APP to someone else here is the link how to do that:

Happy Apping! Please contact Dawn if you have any questions.

Dawn Benson PhD

Educational Consultant

GoldMinds Brain Fitness

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