Bill 24-ALR A Law That Will Destroy the Protection of Farmland

In true Corky fashion, it’s all laid out.

Check out Corky Evans: Open letter to almost anybody about Bill 24 (Georgia Straight: May 9 2004):

I am not going to try to explain the issue or the history or the legislation that is being debated in Victoria as I write. You do not have to know that stuff to know that food is important and that land to grow food on needs to be protected from being paved over. That is all you need to know. For 40 years we have had rules in B.C. that protected farmland pretty well. This week the government is trying to pass a law that will destroy the protection of farmland.

The government didn’t think up this idea. They got it from the Fraser Institute. You may have heard of those people. They represent the largest corporations and banks in the province. They are not known for caring a great deal about public policy. They will get richer paving farmland than by leaving it alone.

Author: Tim Lavery

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5 thoughts on “Bill 24-ALR A Law That Will Destroy the Protection of Farmland”

  1. I suggest reading Andrew MacLeods May 8th piece in the Tyee, then write Ms. Clark, Mr. Letnick and Mr. Kyllo. This Bill is ridiculous and must be stopped.

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