Roots and Blues Generates $4.9 Million in Spending

revenueThe Observer article Festival a big economic boost (Wickett: May 7 2014) details the report of the significant economic impact of the Roots and Blues festival for the city. Check out the article for more details.

The Roots and Blues is one more economic and cultural  jewel for Salmon Arm and the Shuswap!

Compiled from nearly 1,800 on-site interviews, plus subsequent online surveys, the study found the 2013 festival generated more than $4 million in new spending by tourists.

Of the total $4,089,296 spent by non-locals, the average amount that non-local, paying festival attendees each spent on-site during the festival was $497.87. Off-site they spent $528.59, combining for a total of $1,026.46 each. That translated into a total of $2,788,792.60.

Non-local volunteers added an average of $807.85 each ($528.59 of that off-site) for a total of $1,300,503.86.

Local attendees, both paid and volunteer, added another $845,725.16 of total expenditures on-site. The combined spending by attendees, both local and non-local, was nearly $5 million on- and off-site – at $4,935,021.62.

Author: Tim Lavery

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