Splat It Is

* reposted from June 29 2012 but germane heading into this weekend as well.

There’s a lot that’s been blogged recently about the Province pulling it’s cartoonist Dan Murphy’s take on the latest Enbridge warm and fuzzy media blitz – a very short time after the animation went live. The Province’s current  “official” version of the dis-appearing is that the media agent (Enbridge’s hired guns) complained.

Here it is as it has resurfaced in many places.

Animation by Dan Murphy, editorial cartoonist for Vancouver’s “The Province,” that was pulled from the newspaper’s website after a complaint from Enbridge. backofthebook.ca posts it here under fair use laws. Read the complete story at http://backofthebook.ca/2012/06/25/vancouvers-province-pulls-animation-satiri…


Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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