Within and without the union: prejudices about the BCTF

The Coal Mine

I guess that I belong to the most despised union in the province. I’m not whimpering. It’s just a fact. The BC Teachers Federation gets a lot of nasty press. And I try to understand why that might be. To do so, I have to cast my memory back to my pre-union days.

I taught in a Catholic independent school for 11 years. And there was no union. As you can probably guess, a couple of decades ago, some of the BCTF proclivities didn’t play well with Catholics. For one thing, there was the issue of support for LGBTQ realities that the Church would have preferred to deny, but there was more. The Church was terrified of unions.

The Church did not want to give up its power to a union. The year I began teaching, there was a high school on Holmes Street in Burnaby owned by the Vancouver…

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Author: Tim Lavery

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