School Libraries Should Be …

… open as long as school gyms.

* Quote from last night’s presentation to the school board prior to the trustees voting to accept the proposals to cut $1.8 Million in services for next year – as presented to them by management.

See North Okanagan Shuswap School District #83 Proposals for $1.8 Million in Cuts … for the list of those proposals.

From the Observer article School board proceeds with planned cuts (Grainger: May 2014):

Another substantial cut being made will be the change in elementary and middle school teacher/librarian staffing ratios to match those at the secondary school level. This will result in the loss of nearly three full-time positions and a savings of $283,400.

Geri Davey, teacher/librarian at Salmon Arm West Elementary, spoke with regard to these cuts and the changing role of the teacher/librarian.

“We are at a crossroads tonight, students are going to be faced with more closed library doors,” said Davey. “I know it may seem like we can’t afford our schools but what price will we pay?”

Shannon Murrels-Allaway, teacher/librarian at Parkview Elementary in Sicamous said she was upset with every cut that was proposed in the budget.

“I’m very concerned for our B.C. youth and school systems,” said Murrels-Allaway. “There’s so many basics that aren’t being covered.”

Check out the full article for the wide range of impacts and the hand-wringing by the parents, staff and trustees.

The bottom line is that if you support all that public education means to building communities, you need to contact your MLA and let them know that this chronic underfunding has to stop.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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