“A look at Shuswap geology” by Jim Cooperman

Check out Jim’s latest post A look at Shuswap geology over at his Shuswap Passion blog –  http://shuswappassion.ca/

Part one of two…..

The Shuswap has a fascinating geological past, as below our feet is a section of a Precambrian craton called the Shuswap terrane, which is over two billion years old. Most of the rocks found in the Shuswap are metamorphic, including primarily schists, argillite, gneiss, and phyllite, formed from either igneous or sedimentary rock by heat and pressure. Plate tectonic processes created the mountains we see today. In addition to the mountains, these plate movements and earthquakes created folds and fault lines and many of these became distinct geological features.

Author: Tim Lavery

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