New Rule #2 in the Education Dispute

It all depends on the “pattern” that you look for …

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New Rule;

Everyone has to immediately stop saying,

“ Teacher’s salary demands are much higher than what other public sector unions settled for. ”

Because that’s not true.

Firefighting and police are public sector unions.

Coquitlam Firefighters got 6% over two years, and all other Metro Firefighters got within a quarter percent of that; except for Delta Firefighters of course, who got 20% over 8 years.

Recently, Vancouver Police quietly got 8.8% over three years.

And city workers? Burnaby CUPE, bus drivers, Hydro, B.C.I.T., B.C Pavillion, all 4% over 2 years; Skytrain 5.75% over 3 years.
Prince Rupert city workers got 18.25% over 4 years.

All of these settlements are more than 2% per year, just above the inflation rate and exactly what the teachers are asking – 8% over 4 years.

And in the downtrodden private sector; locals of the Machinists and Steelworkers unions got 9.5% over 3 years…

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Author: Tim Lavery

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