Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Salmon Arm Councillors’ Report on the 2014 Conference

Councillors Cannon and Eliason were slated to attend the four-day Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Niagara Falls onMay 30 to June 2 2014. See here for my first thoughts from March 30 2014.

I’ve contacted both councillors to ask them the usual questions that I’ve posed to local politicos attending conferences paid for by city tax dollars. Some of the scheduled workshops included Social-Economic Development, Rail Safety, Adaptation to Climate Change etc.

Here are those questions:

  1. Did you attend the conference?
  2. Which workshops did you attend ?
  3. Who did you meet with?
  4. Which specific motions (if any) did you vote on and how did you vote? * The key ones for you!
  5. Your overall Take-Aways?

… and once again for the record, I have no gripe about council members attending important conferences that can be justified. I like to know how our politicos voted (if the opportunity was there) andwhat workshops they attended as our (the city’s) reps.

I’m looking forward to the take-aways and impressions from this national (and costly) conference . It’s also an opportunity for our local politicos to communicate through social media as a complement to their more traditional media approaches.

Most of the city politicos have responded to Aim High’s similar questions from previous UBCM conferences. See the responses here for 2013 and here for 2012.

Note: All comments will be fully moderated for these submissions when they arrive.  Aim High’s straight-forward commenting policy is here.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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