Salmon Arm Council Quarterly Expenses (to June 30 2014) Now Online

expensesThe initiative to post council members’ expenses publicly on an online, quarterly, itemized basis rather than the printed, 5 month after-the-year-was-over, annual aggregated basis that had been in place … is now up on the city’s website. The 2nd quarter reporting of what individual local politicos expensed is now posted.

Here are the year-to-date summaries. The details of the itemized expenses are here. Figures are YTD cumulative to June 30 2014.

2014 Year-to-Date itemized expenses (cumulative)

Qrt1 Qrt2 Qrt3 Qrt4
Mayor Cooper $1451.87 $3795.91
Clr Cannon $1450.46 $5838.64
Clr Eliason $2131.88 $7035.29
Clr Harrison $467.55 $958.91
Clr Jamieson $1242.35 $2192.59
Clr Kentel $1181.40 $2074.50
Clr Reimer $2364.52 $3905.48

You can review the 2013 full year  as well as 2014 quarterly expenses information via links here.

Perhaps this information is not in great demand by many but it’s important, imo, to have timely, transparent and easy access to the expense claims of our politicos – at all levels of government.

FTR: Considered and voted on by city council – idea put forward to council by me!

Here’s one previous post link –

Author: Tim Lavery

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