Contentious Cases and Consequences – with more than a Sprig of Control.

David Schreck has posted a helpful overview (Bargaining Working Conditions July 12 2014) of the legal background that underlies the current contract throwdown between teachers and the BC Libs. Check it out!

Practitioners and students of industrial relations will probably find the Bill 22 Decision required reading. At over 50,000 words it provides impressive examples of argument, logic and fact-finding that the government must hope few ever read. Some sections cannot be read without thinking government representatives were behaving like the Keystone Cops.

I’ve referenced and linked to the court decisions previously. They are important reads. The 2014 decision is especially relevant and the judge is unequivocal in her written summary.

Check out that 2014 decision at the least but give yourself some time to peruse it.

The 2011 BC Supreme court decision is here.

The 2014 BC Supreme court decision is here.

There is an answer to the polarized positions roiling the public school system now. … as I posted in a Comment here …. but it requires political leadership that values a stable public education system as an investment.

A snippet from that discussion:

Real political leadership would broker a deal now that would simultaneously (i) put removed and much needed funds back into the system (and yes more jobs for teachers) (ii) a reasonable wage increase (iii) mitigate against a looming court decision where the BC Libs have already lost handily. Kicking that court case down the road does indeed do just that but at an ever increasing risk (to all BC citizens including taxpayers). Rolling the legal dice on this isn’t the best strategy imo .

As Schreck summarizes, the eventual court decisions will have important implications for labour law and for the nature and limits to government power. These decisions and their implications are quite a ways down the road though …. and in the meantime ……….

Author: Tim Lavery

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