Local NDP to Select Federal Candidate

July 11, 2014  For Immediate Release

Members of the NDP will choose their representative in the next federal election at a nomination convention in Armstrong August 23. “We have had interest from several potential candidates. One has been accepted by the party’s vetting process, and another has made an application”, said Nick Hodge, local association president.

“We have had discussions about forming a coalition of opposition parties locally for the next election. Our executive has decided that we will not be involved in restricting the choices on the ballot. While we understand the sentiment, in a democracy more choice is always better, and so we will putting forward an NDP candidate in the next election.”

Voters at the convention must have been a member of the BC NDP for at least 30 days prior to the convention. New candidates may still join the race. Those interested should be a member of the party and be prepared
to file an application with the federal NDP prior to the convention. The meeting is open to the public and everyone is welcome.

* submitted by Nick Hodge
President, North Okanagan-Shuswap NDP

2 thoughts on “Local NDP to Select Federal Candidate”

    1. Not “too” at all. I’d post nomination information for any political party that sees Aim High as another useful channel for distribution of their message. I’m sure that there will be lots of questions for the successful nominee as well.

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