City Council Hikes Remuneration for Mayor and Councillors …

remun… starting January 2015 with annual increases at the beginning of each year as of 2016 – based on the BC CPI . This was supported by all the politicos with Councillor Kentel unsuccessfully proposing a multi-year phase-in of the increases. Here’s the skinny including some adjustments that I’d suggest as well.

Voting on this issue prior to the election and taking ownership of it is a good thing whether one agrees with it or not.

Starting next year, the mayor will be paid $53,725 (was $44,800) and councillors $21,660 (was $15,000) per year – plus expenses.

See the Observer article Salmon Arm council votes for raise  (Labere: July 30 2014) for more information of the consultant’s recommendations, the comparables used and reporting on the council’s discussion.

The source document is on the city’s July 28th 2014 agenda here (pages 109 – 118).

IMO, this is a reasonable decision given the last increase eleven years ago and the difficulties associated with frozen compensation that leads to periodic big jumps.

I’d also propose that:

  • the per diem rate be lowered (as suggested) with more specific and transparent criteria
  • cell phones and costs (not just for the mayor as it is currently) be covered and provided by the city – for all of council
  • the technology grant ($1000 per politico for each term to use on technology of their choosing) be adjusted so that the city actually owns/leases/provides those devices.

I’m fine with the individual politicos choosing whatever platform makes sense for them in their own matrix of phone and computing devices. I ‘d prefer though that the city actually has responsibility for those devices. Corporate policies for corporate equipment and usage is a good thing.

Your remunerative thoughts?


Author: Tim Lavery

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1 thought on “City Council Hikes Remuneration for Mayor and Councillors …”

  1. Interesting that the council should vote their own raise as the school board has. They also , as the CSRD have expense accounts.
    The teachers on the other hand would also like to keep up with today’s cost of living. Wouldn’t it be nice if—.

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