Climate Change March and Rally 1:00 pm Saturday, Sept. 20th 2014

On September 20th, individuals and organizations around the world are planning on holding what will (hopefully) be the biggest public march event ever related to global warming.

I and an expanding group of other local citizens are planning a march and rally in Salmon Arm, for people from this community and all around the Shuswap. Please join us!!

The march and rally will take place Saturday, September 2oth, at 1:00 pm.

An initial organizing meeting will take place at the CASSSA office, across the street from the Post Office, next the lane that passes by the west side of the Post Office building (and across the street). There will be a sign on the CASSSA office door.

We will not be alone in undertaking this action..

So far, at least 750 organizations around the world are committed to stage marches and rallies

This public demonstration is happening in advance of a UN summit of world leaders in New York City on the climate crisis.

We invite you to participate and send a signal to our governments, at every level, that we the people take this matter seriously, and expect them to act.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Canada’s government, along with those of the US, Britain and Australia, is one of the worst in ignoring or dismissing climate change:  “The subject of global warming is less politicized for America’s neighbors to the north, but their leadership seems not to have the least interest in doing anything about it. To the contrary, the Canadian government appears determined to exploit the Alberta tar sands to the fullest extent possible.

However, continuing to expand tar sands production will make it impossible for Canada to meet its promised carbon pollution cuts. The Harper government seems satisfied to pay lip service to the critical issue of climate change whilst muzzling its climate scientists and maximizing its dirty fossil fuel production.”

If you really aren’t sure why there’s a fuss being made about global warming, then you might want to read this famous article by Bill McKibben, founder of the group “”, summarizing the scientific evidence that has climatologists and many other researchers very worried.

I hope you can make it to the organizing meeting August 26th, 7:00 pm,
and to the march and rally on Sept. 21st!

* submitted by Warren Bell

Your thoughts?

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