No Even-Divvying of Responsibility for this Public Ed ThrowDown : Class size and Composition – A Brief History


Class size history

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On top of this, specific ratios linked to the # of students at a school for specialist teachers (librarians, counsellors, learning assistance, speech language pathologists etc) were eliminated when the contract was ripped up.

Now what do we see? – Larger classes with more needs, more split classes, fewer course options and key courses at the high school level unavailable because the reduced blocks are already “filled” to name a few outcomes.

School boards continually downsize important support services each budget year because they are no longer adequately funded.

Ripped up contract and subsequent chronic under-funding = eroded supports for students no matter how one attempts to bend the facts.

Info graphic as posted at Staffroom Confidential

From that link:

I put this table together today to share with parents and community members at our information forum this evening, but please feel free to share.

It is a slight simplification as it doesn’t deal with exempted classes like music, classes in distributed learning, special education class, the “fudge factor” allowing overages in special circumstances and so forth.

But if you want to know the basics of how class size and composition have changed over the last twelve years through three rounds of legislation, this is an overview.

It is based on the Greater Victoria collective agreement.

Author: Tim Lavery

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