Scott Anderson Endorsed by Leader of the BC Conservatives


NRCPC-004                                                               September 22, 2014

NORTH OKANAGAN SHUSWAP— Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservative Party, has endorsed Scott Anderson, a nomination candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the North Okanagan Shuswap.

‎”Scott Anderson is a true conservative who has proved himself a very capable and extremely intelligent man,” said Brooks.  “I have been impressed so many times with his deep conservative convictions, his ability to articulate conservative values, and his loyalty to the conservative cause.‎  More than this though, his work and experience in federal and provincial politics have earned my respect and trust as a man of his word who gets things done.  Three things come to mind immediately when I think of Scott; brilliant, loyal, and trustworthy.”

Tom Birch, President of the BC Conservatives, has also endorsed Anderson:

“Scott Anderson is someone with experience, integrity and drive,” said Tom Birch. “Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Scott and I’m impressed with his knowledge, passion, and conservative values.  I can think of no one better suited to represent the people of the North Okanagan than Scott.”

“I am humbled to have such strong endorsements from both the leader and the president of the BC Conservatives,” said Anderson.  “Both Dan and Tom have seen first hand that I throw myself into my work and that I’m not afraid to stand up and fight when it’s required.  If chosen as the Conservative candidate in the North Okanagan Shuswap, I will apply the same energy, conviction and work ethic in Ottawa as I have to everything else I’ve undertaken.”

“I believe it’s crucial for this riding to elect a true conservative with federal experience and the ability to hit the ground running in Ottawa,” said Anderson.  “We are in for the fight of our political life in the upcoming election, and we simply cannot afford to put forward a candidate with no federal experience.”

Anderson’s federal experience reaches back over two decades to the 1988 election, when he became involved with the growing Reform Party movement.  Since then he has been a campaign manager for a  Reform Party candidate twice, in 1993 and 1997, and has worked in Ottawa for the Reform Party Whip’s office.  He has remained active in federal conservative politics, most recently as a member in the Okanagan Shuswap Electoral District Association, where he is currently Vice President of Outreach.

The nomination elections for selection of a candidate will take place on the dates and places below.  Only current Conservative Party of Canada members are allowed to vote:

1  Salmon Arm on 3 October, 5 p.m. at the Senior’s Activity Centre (170-5th Avenue SE)

2  Vernon on 4 October, 1 p.m. at the Schubert Centre (3505-30th Avenue)

For more information:
Scott Anderson,
Tel: (250) 540 2333

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