“NHL Enforcers” by Dan MacQuarrie


My Letter to the Editor for this week.

Last evening November 23, CBC TV announced the NHL, is no longer hiring Enforcers.   So the bullies are becoming the latest endangered species in our society.   Why ?   Because, More and more people  view fighting as repugnant; inconsistent with our sense of fair play, the last thing we want our children to emulate.

Our understanding of sport is something we do to have fun at, that is why we call it play.   Besides, who wants to support a game where the players are at risk of getting a concussion?   Too bad enforcers are being phased out because they are hurting the bottom line of the owners, rather than something we as a society should demand.

I am wondering how long it is going to take to return to playing hockey where skills in stickhandling, skating, and no body contact, like body checking into the boards  will be the norm ?   Where the whole family can really enjoy a night of entertainment ?

I can hardly wait.

PEACE, Dan MacQuarrie

Your thoughts?

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