Keeping Up with Salmon Arm City Council

swiss_army_USB_knifeIt takes work and diligence to keep up with what arrives on city council’s plate – and that’s for anyone who wants to follow city items let alone the city politicos themselves.

As an interested party, it takes dedication to find, sort through and follow relevant information and items. It takes work and time to keep up. I’d like to again emphasize a few ways to be up to speed on city matters that you may be passionate about.

Plus, if it’s any consolation, public information is available to you at the same time that I get access to it as a city councillor.

So, some “following” options:

One way is to remember to go to the city website and review the agendas that are usually posted mid-week prior to the actual mtg.  See for both the Council Agenda packages as well as the Development & Planning Agenda packages. These packages are extensive and are what the council receives. A warning though – the packages are often large in size (in terms of pages and download size). The Council and Development & Planning meetings alternate weekly. See here for the 2015 schedule.

One further Council Agenda tip: Be sure to read the separate “Council Info” link that lists correspondence to/from the city as part of that agenda. This info may also be in the overall agenda package but can get buried by the volume of all the other items – at least in my experience as a member of the public who tried to follow things.

Another way is to sign up for auto email notification of the agendas via the city website. See “Notify Me” at .

A third way, and the one that I found to be  the easiest for me given my digital life, is to LIKE the city’s FaceBook page at!/pages/City-of-Salmon-Arm/199952370055913 . Liking then generates city notifications (including the links to upcoming  agendas) for you automatically via FaceBook. Basically it serves as an reminder that there’s an upcoming council meeting the following Monday. It works – well.

I intend to post city hall tips and key item notices on a regular basis. I’ll also be tuning up my Facebook and Twitter accounts over the holidays to hopefully increase citizen connectivity with council. More to come.

Author: Tim Lavery

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