Take-Aways – What I’ve been Up To – Elected Officials Seminar

Long before being elected to city council, I’ve felt that the politicos should report back – in an accessible fashion – on workshops, seminars and conferences that they attend on the public dime.

See here for one example of what I’ve called for previously.

In general, most on council have reported out with a general summary and some of their key take-aways. That’s all good.

Last week I attended the full session of the Elected Officials Seminar presented by the Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA). Others have said that it was worthwhile and it was.

Key take-aways for me were the basic survival tips for newbies, backgrounders on procedures and the reasons why and robust discussions on role clarity.

Addtitonally, the opportunity to talk with other jurisdictions on the range of ways that they deal with similar issues was perhaps the most beneficial aspect. I came away with some good ideas about strategic decision-making, collaborating with our First Nations communities,  balancing the dilemmas in the role of “advocacy” for residents involving issues beyond the actual jurisdiction of local governments and approaches to citizen engagement.

There you go – my first report on outside conferences.

Please note, this post has the new tag City_Tim to represent factual information from me from city council. See the post New Categories on Aim High for the discussion why.

The link to the seminar program is here.

Author: Tim Lavery

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