Salmon Arm Local Politicians – Who Received and Spent What in the 2014 Local Election

Image result for image: campaign contributionElections BC has just posted the Local Elections Disclosure Statements (financial) for last November’s 2014 local elections.

It’s a pretty fast turn-around by Elections BC as the deadline for the politicos to submit these statements was Feb 13 2015.

The link to what local politicos received as donations (including the Significant Contributors list of individuals, unions and corporations who donated over $100) and spent in expenses is here:

I’ll leave it to you to do your own local research.

During the campaign, I committed to only accepting individual contributions plus publicly posting the names of all of those individual contributors right up to the date of the 2014 election. Identifying those who contributed under $100 is actually a higher standard than is required by BC law. I’ll have a bit more on this down the line.

See here for that list of contributors to my campaign up to the election day.

You can research BC Local Elections Disclosure Statements for all provincial jurisdictions here at


Author: Tim Lavery

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1 thought on “Salmon Arm Local Politicians – Who Received and Spent What in the 2014 Local Election”

  1. Debbie Cannon was the only exception with a $1,000.00 boost from the usually tight fisted Smart!Centres and a totally illegible $2,000 donation that Edward Snowden would have trouble exposing. Everyone else nickled and dimed their friends, relatives and hapless business associates.

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