Contemporary Classics at the Classic 2015 – Magnolia

Okanagan College’s “(Contemporary) Classics at the Classic” series continues at the Salmar Classic this week (Monday, March 9th at 7:30pm) with the brilliant Magnolia, directed by P.T Anderson in 2000.

Magnolia is a sprawling, operatic mosaic of American lives intertwined. In a single day, nine stories connect and disconnect through violence, love, Game Shows, Biblical Floods, coincidence, weather, sing-alongs, self-help seminars and quests for redemption.

Magnolia is an epic film: darkly comic, emotional and extravagant. An ensemble cast as good as any navigates this challenging, sometimes difficult film that earned Golden Bear Best Film honours at the 2000 Berlin Film and three Academy Award nominations. Magnolia is a modern-day classic, as hard to define as it is to forget.

Tickets are $5 at the door and admission is free for all Okanagan College students.

Your thoughts?

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