Telling Our Stories–by Dan MacQuarrie

Three cheers for Alberta ! Talk about long-suffering; 44 years of Father knows best. Addictions are very difficult to Kick. Especially when fossil fuels are so cheap, and convenient. Nevertheless, a new day is dawning. Your new premier, Rachel Notley has offered you a positive, doable, alternative. Instead of jobs at a huge cost to the environment, she proposes respect for the environment, with jobs which are ecologically sustainable. On the human front, she proposes to work with the

Indigenous people to overcome the injustices of the past, by working together for the well-being of all Albertans.

What she is proposing, is not rocket science, it is what most of us learned in kindergarten. It is what used to be called common sense. We at the MacQuarrie Institute are presently engaged in a similar approach. We are inviting all Canadians to join with us, in, “building Canada a 2nd time.” Let Us begin by Returning to the 1763 proclamation by King George the 3rd., and the Treaty of Niagara/wampum belts, 1764

The Crown, and Indigenous people agreed to:

1. SHARE the Land. I.e. The WHOLE Treaty is about SHARING

2. There be an equal sharing of money for Housing, Health, and Education.

3. A Sharing, of profits, made from extracting resources.

4. Two Nations, Traveling down the River of Life, in separate canoes, traveling

side-by-side, neither interfering with the laws, customs, or culture of the other.

We at the MacQuarrie Institute decided: Let’s honor this agreement by, “ each community, living and working together.

Enderby, and Salmon Arm are working on building Canada 2nd time in various stages. We at the MacQuarrie Institute are assisting them in telling their stories. Check the local media for the positive initiatives, which have already borne much fruit.

More later.

MacQuarrie Institute

Dan MacQuarrie, facilitator

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