My Takeaways from SILGA 2015

A few years ago, I asked our city politicos if they’d submit a summary of their participation at  UBCM conferences (Union of BC Municipalities – the main annual conference of BC Local Governments) that they attend as representatives of Salmon Arm.

I was interested in what workshops they found useful, how they may have voted on key resolutions (something that rarely gets reported) and what their  key takeaways were. Most council members reported back with most indicating that they felt that summarizing their experiences was a positive thing. Thanks for that.

I’ll continue with this new annual tradition for UBCM starting with the conference in September 2015.

Additionally, I’ll provide summaries of any major gathering that I attend as a City of Salmon Arm representative. SILGA 2015 is one of those. I’m a bit delayed in reporting back on this but here it is now.

The 2015 SILGA (Southern Interior Local Government Association) was held in Kamloops April 29-May1. SILGA is comprised of elected officials from cities, towns, villages, districts and regional districts in South Central British Columbia. The main focus is on advocacy, communication and education for association members.

My main takeaways were …… in the discussions that I had with other delegates. Their perspectives on similar issues, dilemmas and initiatives were a huge value-added for me. This was more than just networking. I learned a lot from the thinking and approaches others were focusing on. I also had good discussions on the importance of floodplain hazard assessment and possible funding sources. All in all, there was a lot to absorb in 3 pretty full days.

I attended the following:

  • Legal- Use of Social Media by Elected Members: Managing Risks
  • Round Table mining discussions
  • What makes a gold star resolution?
  • Community readiness for Large Scale Developments
  • Community Engagement
  • Municipal Insurance Association
  • Retreat – How to make your retreat more effective by our very own Phil McIntyre-Paul
  • Quagga & Zebra Mussel presentation

Keynote sessions included:

  • Vaughn Palmer – Vancouver Sun Columnist
  • MLA Selina Robinson – Opposition Spokesperson for Local Gov’t
  • Minister Todd Stone – Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Minister Terry Lake – Minister of Health

AGM Elections and Resolutions:

  • Voting for Executive for 2015/16  Chad Eliason was acclaimed as President.  Executives elected are here.
  • In total there were 24 resolutions – most which called for action by higher levels of government. All reflected challenges faced by local governments. Many were amended on the floor. At this time, there’s no link to the amended resolutions or the final voting results.

Let me know if you have questions.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

1 thought on “My Takeaways from SILGA 2015”

  1. I should note that Salmon Arm council supports council members to attend SILGA and UBCM conferences annually. In addition, each council member has the option to attend a FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) conference once in the four year term. The mayor has the option to attend two FCM conferences per term. FCM holds their conventions in different cities annually. This year, it’s in Edmonton in June (next week actually).

    Also, there are Elected Officials seminars that focus on improving the governance skills of members. I attended an introductory session this past January in Kelowna. So far for me, these sessions have been comprehensive and packed with valuable information.

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