Knowing – and not Knowing – What You Need to Know

Check out Louise Wallace Richmond’s latest post Graduation – 15 tips for the class of 2015 (June 8 2015) for her great advice to grads who are itching to roll.

There are things I didn’t know that I’d need to know when I left high school. But within a year of the cap and gown ceremony, I appreciated the opportunity to learn them. There were also delightful benefits, the sum of which nobody had ever told me about. That was a gift too.

I’ve thought of a few lessons my twenty something self would have given my eighteen year old self. Simple stuff really but there is beauty and power in simplicity That’s the trouble with being a grown up it’s unnecessarily complicated.

Here, for your consideration is a list of 15 simple things for the Class of 2015.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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