Disaster Relief of the Technical Kind – Thanks Be to the Cloud

I’m pretty diligent to regularly backup my key computer data especially after my automatic home server system I’ve relied on for backups for years itself packed it up a number of months ago.

So, as my main computer started to make some odd sounds a few days ago, I slated some time to get everything into a current backup. Lo and behold, right in the middle of it all, there was a  snap, crackle and pop with a whiff of “this isn’t good” as my main computer board had a meltdown. Kaput!

While there are some minor losses, it’s amazing how changes in technology have helped mitigate both program and data disappearance. I knew this in principle but it’s only after going through ‘recovery’ that I more fully appreciate the tools.

Having much more of my data stored on the cloud along with automatic updates of that data to Onedrive, Dropbox and iCloud etc. is literally a life saver. In addition, being able to recover one’s browser tabs, links and data because accounts can be synched between multiple devices is both slick and a huge time saver. Sign back in and voila, your interactive life is back.

So, some investment in time to reinstall and reconfigure some of my desktop-based applications (one’s that I prefer to the cloud-based versions) but nothing like the porting of data from the good old days.

I’ve been pretty dormant on posting technology articles lately. I’ll start to update that with upcoming entries.

In the meantime, embrace your cloud data storage options, make sure that the auto backup settings are checked  and do those occasional hard drive backups where needed.


Author: Tim Lavery

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