Neighbours in Solitude by Dan MacQuarrie

Robert Burns said,” O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.”  That is precisely what Pres. Obama offered to the human race in his eulogy for Clementa Pinckney.  ( Video Source: CNN) 2015/06/27/politics/obama-eulogy-clementa-pinckney/index.html    I would encourage everyone to read it from beginning to end.

What has been happening in the US since the beginning of the Slave Trade, has been happening in Canada since 1763.   The basic difference is that we have been doing it more subtly.   And yes I mean right here in SALMON ARM.

We Settlers are living on Traditional Shuswap Nation territory, with the people from 3 Reserves,  Nesconlith, Adams Lake,& Little Shuswap.   We are neighbors living as if we were two solitudes.   There are more than a dozen  so-called Christian churches who it seems, have a  strange understanding of, “love your neighbor as yourself.”   Could it be, that nobody told them that you have to practice what you preach?

Alcoholics Anonymous encourages those addicted to alcohol to admit that they are alcoholics.   That is the 1st step in the process of recovery.   Could it be that we Settlers are addicted to a lie, i.e.  “This country belongs to us .”

As we celebrate Canada Day July 1, 2015,   let us, come clean,  by admitting the WHOLE TRUTH, about how Canada came into being, : 20141011084710/

Rabbinical Wisdom: How do you know when the night has ended, and the day begins?   “ You know, when you can look into the face of your neighbor, and see there a brother or sister; until you can do that, whatever time of the day it is, it is still night.”

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

Author: Tim Lavery

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