City Council Approves Initial Contract Geared Towards a Flood Plain Hazard Risk Assessment

This afternoon, city council awarded an initial contract to start the process to get evidence-based – and to modern standards – data on the Salmon River floodplain.

Our floodplain is a complex system with the Shuswap Lake, the river, underground hydrology, underlying geomorphology and climate change all contributing to that complexity. We need to be able to make good decisions based on up-to-date data and modelling. This starts that process.

The province downloaded the responsibilities for this to local governments a number of years ago. The previous council started setting aside $20,ooo per year to save up for a full study to get a handle on this and our current council is continuing on with that savings plan. We have more saving to do!

We’re also about to spend some of that reserve. What today’s decision provides is the first step in our ability to have a shelf-ready proposal, based on evidence, to apply for funding streams and opportunities that may appear. It’s not the finished proposal at this stage but the underlying parameters (including cost estimates), terms and scope required to determine a ready-to-go proposal. That’s a big deal imo. We’re  starting a Flood Hazard Risk Assessment process.

The overall goal is to get objective and current data that helps us make informed decisions as to how we can grow and plan for mitigation strategies that make sense. This is a great start.

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

2 thoughts on “City Council Approves Initial Contract Geared Towards a Flood Plain Hazard Risk Assessment”

  1. Thank you, Tim for your leadership on this issue and to all City Councillors for seeing the opportunity to move forward with this “first step” scoping study. A Salmon River Flood Plain Hazard & Risk Assessment is essential to guide the City’s long term planning on the most physically dynamic area within the City.

    In early June 2011 WA:TER presented to the City the results of a preliminary flood hazard and risk assessment study it commissioned of existing data and reports regarding the Salmon River and its delta by BGC Engineering Inc., Vancouver.

    The members of WA:TER’s Board of Directors at the May 4/15 Board meeting agreed to present WA:TER’s collection of Salmon River flood plain data and reports to the City to assist with a preliminary scoping flood study (contract awarded on July 13/15).

    Since its inception in June 2009 WA:TER has invested $26,708.31 in scientific reports related to the Salmon River flood plain and delta. Thousands of hours of WA:TER members’ volunteer time have also been invested – estimated value is more than $400,000.

    A big “Thank you!” to all community members who have supported WA:TER’s efforts over the past 6 years!

    2015 WA:TER Board of Directors of WA:TER

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