“For a Better Future” by Dan MacQuarrie

It seems most Canadians spend so much time making a living, they have little time or energy for making a life. Nevertheless, Opportunity knocks; On the horizon, we see real achievable hope. In 2014 Pres. Obama reasoned, 50 years of punishing Cuba bore no fruit. So he suggested, “ give diplomacy a try,” and now we are witnessing positive results. Similarly with Iran; Six major powers; US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China have signed an agreement, July 14, 2015, which welcomes them back into the International community. An historic first, Peace rather than War.

We could do similarly right here in our own backyard. Hundreds of years of punishing Canada’s Indigenous people using European ideology of straight-line thinking, has resulted in a catastrophe of epic proportion: i.e. Having to admit that we, and/or our representatives, have been practicing Cultural genocide.

Justice Murray Sinclair, of the Truth and Reconciliation commission, has given us 94 proposal to address this injustice. The MacQuarrie Institute proposes an initiative which would see us build Canada a 2nd time. Starting back at the 1764 Treaty of Niagara, and Wampum belt agreement. This time we would use circle thinking to address the 94 proposals.

Every Canadian is encouraged to participate in this venture, Together, we can critique each other’s research and proposals ,share discoveries of societies and systems which are already living together in peace and harmony, and build on that which holds promise of fulfilling our Dreams For a Better Future, i.e. building a society where there is a level playing field for everybody.

ACTION: Send us your personal/community STORIES, which promote peace and understanding among all cultures. Stories which you are witness to, or part of, and We will gather them together to share on Social Media. We will tell the world!

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

Your thoughts?

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