2014 Salmon Arm Revenue Sources by Category

2014 Revenue Sources by Category

Here’s where Salmon Arm’s revenue comes from. In 2014, there was a total of $29,265,559 in revenue.

User Fees and Charges involve charges “for services such as rentals, parking and transit levies, airport fuel and oil sales, water and sewer user rates, and sanitation and recycling fees, etc.

Property Taxes and User fees are really the two revenue streams that local governments have as they (we) cope with downloaded costs from higher levels of government and budget to deliver drinking water, transportation networks, public transit, recreation facilities,  sewage treatment and protection (police and fire) services  etc. This is all amidst the growing role and expectations of local governments.

Projected revenue is one part of the input that city council will review in its annual budget process this fall. I’ll forward the dates of public input and council discussion sessions down the line.

I’ll continue to include various charts and graphs snipped from the city’s latest Annual Report (2014) as we head into budget time this fall.

Check out the annual report for yourself. It’s a helpful reference document.

Author: Tim Lavery

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