Priority Resolutions at UBCM Wednesday Sept 23 2015

The “A” list of top resolutions were all carried at this morning’s session. The first four passed unanimously or close to it. A5 involved rigorous discussion and passed with solid majority.

A1 Allocation of New Building Canada Fund calling for the provincial government to pass on a minimum of 60% of the infrastructure funds that they receive from the federal government. Currently, the province transfers ~ 40% of those funds to local government.

A2 Mental Health and Addiction Services and Resources calling for the province to prioritize a long-term strategy for people with mental health and addiction issues within the BC health care system. The impact on local governments and responding agencies dealing with these issues was noted as not being an “academic” issue but rather a significant policy and resourcing problem.

A3 Provincial Responsibility for Fires Services Act and Regulations calling for the province to provide the resources for inspecting and enforcing provincial safety regulations by regional districts.

A4 Resourcing Local Governments for Oil and Hazardous and Noxious Substances Emergency Planning Response calling for an expanded risk assessments and planning with additional funding to recover those costs.

A5: Environmental Bill of Rights called for the province to enact a provincial  environmental bill of rights. See yesterday’s post Key UBCM Resolutions for the full text.

Check out the full resolution document (start at page 91) for more resolutions in front of the delegates.

For the record, I was in favour of all 5 resolutions.

Author: Tim Lavery

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