What does a classless society look like? by Dan MacQuarrie

I wonder why politicians are so interested in promoting the middle class? And the rich?  But, Nothing has been said about the poor, the disadvantaged, or the Homeless ?   I have listened carefully to those promoting the  Status quo, and the trickle-down theory.  Wonderful ideas unless you happen to be at the bottom of the pile.

Do we really need the class system in Canada ?   Or India, or any place in our global village ?   Then why do we continue to practice it ?   Have you ever wondered, how we got this way?    Looking  back to 1764, the  Treaty of Niagara;  A treaty between Two Nations ; We discover a coming together of two dreams;  traveling down the river of life together,  in peace, understanding, and mutual respect;  neither interfering with the others philosophy of life.  Sharing in the wealth of this great country.

Refugees, like my grandfather who grew up in a ghetto  in Glasgow Scotland;  hoped to build a family where  freedom, peace,and understanding would be as natural as breathing.    There is much evidence that the Indigenous people in Canada had similar dreams.   They were willing to SHARE, because that is who they were.   That is how they lived together from the beginning of time .   That is how Hunter gatherers survive.

At heart, that is how humans Survive.   We need to say to whomever we elect to be our next government,  we are all human, together we could build the Canada of our dreams.    I wonder, if it isn’t an opportune time to build Canada a 2nd time ? We could start by looking into our neighbors eyes,  and there see, either our brother or our sister; ( rabbinic wisdom) wrap our arms around each other, and dedicate ourselves, to getting actively involved, in bringing about peace and understanding.

Peace, Dan MacQuarrie

1 thought on “What does a classless society look like? by Dan MacQuarrie”

  1. Thank you Dan, for reminder me (us) of what is really important in life.

    You made me think of Bhutan’s measure of “success” which is to measure Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product.

    We can measure, by putting into effect, your suggestions of equality (rather than disparity).

    I shall be watching what the would-be politicians have to say about your thoughts (if anything).

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