Researching Your Vote North Okanagan – Shuswap 2015

vote_redUndecided about who to vote for? Asking for a friend?

Here’s a local compilation of some newer and a bit older resources for deciding who to vote for:  (Mel Arnold – Conservative Party , Cindy Derkaz – Liberal party, Chris George – Green Party and Jacqui Gingras – New Democratic Party)

Aim High’s very own Index to all 15 Q&A’s is here. It’s a one-stop research resource – sorted by your reader-submitted questions and the candidates’ responses.

hd-mediaitemid24051-5524Infotel’s Are local candidate views real or are they just party puppets? Our questionnaire tests their answers asks 7 questions and wants the politicos to answer personally and individually – no copy and pasting of party platforms. Is that even possible? Check it out! Information combined with a puppet chuckle was my experience. * Image snipped from their post.

The Salmon Arm Observer asked 4 questions ( 2 per week)  of the candidates these past two weeks. You have to scroll a bit to get both sets of responses here.

CKVS, Voice of the Shuswap FM 93.7,  has podcasts of interviews with the four candidates here.

Please use the Comments section if you have other valuable non-political party resources to suggest as well. Thanks

Author: Tim Lavery

Aim High Salmon Arm It matters

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