Information on Commenting


If you want to comment on a post, you need to fill out a commenter name and a valid e-mail address in the Leave A Comment section. Your e-mail address will not appear in the comment. Your “commenter name” will. Your commenter name does not have to be your real name.

Before a comment is published, one of two approval approaches will occur.

(1) Your comment will go through a moderation process. Your comment won’t necessarily show up right away if I’m away from the computer. Be patient!    or

(2) If a commenter has had a previous comment approved on this blog, it may get automatically approved.

Choose your words carefully: Once you submit your comments, you can’t edit them.

Commenting Policy: You are asked to be civil in your language and to relate your comments to the subject matter at hand. The simple guideline is not to put anything in your comments that you wouldn’t say in person.

Commenting is straight-forward here on Aim High and you can be anonymous. Countering others’ ideas is fair game. Slamming them personally – getting your digs in – is another thing altogether … at least on my shift.

If you submit a rationale argument but decide to sprinkle in an insult – off it goes to the digital trash bin – valid points and all. Comments are not censored based on political or ideological bases. You just have to be polite.

Aim High Salmon Arm solely will define and determine what is “unacceptable content” and reserves the right to delete or not publish comments that are unacceptable.

In general, unacceptable content is defined as comments that are:

– abusive, vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise insulting to contributors or other commenters

– libelous, knowingly false or misrepresentative of others

– infringing on trademarks or copyrights

Aim High Salmon Arm is not responsible for the content of comments. I will try my best to monitor postings for acceptability but it is difficult to scrutinize all comments.

If you feel that a comment violates the general sense of acceptable language, please use the contact form in the Contact tab to reach me.