Living in Salmon Arm

Some variant of What’s it like living in Salmon Arm is the most common search query in clicks reaching Aim High Salmon Arm. Our Mayor Nancy Cooper has urged people to use social media to promote our city and it’s a good idea.


Resident and business attraction is a competitive environment and a crowd-sourced approach is worthy of a try. Let’s #SalmonArm and share what a wonderful community we are – and share your photos, stories and SalmonArmenian passions as well.

For those of you landing on this page, here are a few resources.

Ken Stengler’s wonderful post on People keep asking me why I moved here

Real Estate Listings in Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm Economic Development for a Community Profile, Business Listings and more

Climate Geography History etc from Wikipedia

  • I’ll add resources to the list as it develops

Supporting Chris George – Paying Back and Forward

I don’t really know Chris personally but I do know that as a candidate in recent federal and provincial elections he has offered up his time and efforts (considerable) for the betterment of this riding. He has raised the bar for political discourse.

As a campaigner, he has been thoughtful, articulate and passionate about supporting what is best for this community.

Right now, because of a serious illness, Chris and his family could use our support too. Please consider doing so.

More info at