OCP Review Musings

Well, the OCP process is gearing up with committees being selected, key development applications likely coming to council during the review and divergent viewpoints about the nature and location of growth and development still being discussed.

Below is a word cloud, a graphic representation, of the 2002 Salmon Arm OCP created through wordle.net.    The 150 most often used words in the OCP document are represented with relative size indicating frequency of use. I’ll include Vernon’s OCP image in a later posting. What is notable is that the image of Salmon Arm’s current OCP is similar to images of more modern OCPs. That isn’t to say that updating and re-affirming aren’t necessary but the original OCP is a solid document. Abiding by the intent of the OCP apparently is a whole other matter.

 Salmon Arm OCP 2002


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In The Next Edition … June 22nd

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– Compartmentalization and the environment: How we fool ourselves

–  2008 Salmon Arm municipal election candidates’ expenses filings: They are available to the public … but they could be much more accessible… as they are in other municipalities.

– more technology and culture