Back in the Saddle – July 2012 – Congrats and Questions

Back in the Slam after visiting family in the lower mainland and friends on the Sunshine Coast – a good trip!

… and time to start catching up with overflowing In Box and Draft baskets. Posts will be forthcoming over the next few days. But first …

Congrats to the Literacy Alliance of the Shuswap for the national and provincial recognition of their impressive community-based literacy initiatives. LASS‘s members and volunteers have been innovative, dedicated and inclusive.

My own favourite slice of LASS in action involved community members helping seniors with computer literacy. Cafes throughout Salmon Arm had seniors with laptops and volunteers with enthusiasm discussing techbits as well as their own families and life stories. Well done LASS!

 A Sturgis North question: Up In The Air?

There seems to be little reporting on this year’s event. One website queries whether or not SN can be viable as both a biker rendezvous and a music fest in addition to noting concerns with camping, too restrictive liquor regulations and an oppressive police presence. Other sporadic blog comments questioned value for the money. In general though, there doesn’t seem to be any body of Sturgis North 2012 perspective.

Any SN insights as a participant? What was your take?  Any chance that Sturgis North was successful enough to return next year (I understand that they have indicated that they intend to be back) and to pay off the local debts that they incurred in 2011?

Your takes on the Summer Stomp would be great as well.

Finally: Two posts (Having Your Say: Summer 2012 and the upcoming poll More Than A Pipeline: Enbridge’s Northern Gateway) will stick to the top of the blog for a while with all new posts following after them in the usual blog roll fashion.

Headin’ Down the Highway?

The Salmon Arm Observer has just posted the story Sturgis North moving out of Salmon Arm? (Jan 10 2012) that Sturgis North may be heading due south to Spallumcheen’s Motoplex Speedway.

Sturgis North president Ray Sasseville made a presentation to Armstrong council Monday afternoon.

“He mentioned that it was ‘99.9 per cent sure’ they were moving to the speedway, they were just waiting for confirmation,” said Armstrong Coun. Paul Britton.

Check out the article …

Plus, from the archives, Duncan Morris’ Sturgis North ‘toon.

Sturgis North Wants to Return for 2012

The Observer has an article up this morning indicating that Sturgis North wants to return next year. See Sturgis North to return to Salmon Arm in 2012 (Hughes: Sept. 24 2011)

The Sturgis North organization says it will return to Salmon Arm for its second year and will be expanded from a five-day event to eight days.

In a press release issued Friday evening, the organization says the event will run from July 15-22, 2012 and will operate entirely on the Neskonlith Indian Band site on 50th Ave. NW in Gleneden. This is the same site where a portion of the festival ran last year.

Check out the article about the Sturgis North press release.

Hopefully the discussion about implementing a Special Events bylaw will take place sooner rather than later. See Our Non-Profit Community Groups – Special Events Collateral Damage? and Sturgis North Offers Deal for some previous thoughts.

Sturgis North in Salmon Arm 2011 (3)

* another follow-up post to split up some of the shots. See the posts below for photos in parts one  and two.

The first images in this section are from the First United Church’s breakie and bike wash event for Sturgis North.

Bikes – Music – Rain – Mosquitoes – A Full Town of Riders, Cops and Tourists

Like many of you, I’ve only managed to experience a narrow portion of Sturgis North here in Salmon Arm town. That has been mainly through walking around downtown and checking out the fairgrounds.

Here’s a chance to curate our experiences and perhaps record a larger composite collection from our individual slices.

Send in your thoughts, reviews and photos (with comments). I’ll get them all up ASAP. Use the Contact Form to reach me and I can let you know how to easily send me photos … plus you can just leave a Comment here as well.

Send your shots and thoughts in as well!

Plus … Sturgis North attendees …any reviews on the performances, camping and venues?

* All first time comments here on Aim High are held up for moderation and not posted immediately. I’ll get your first-timers posted as soon as I am back at the computer screen.

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